I’ve always loved to travel. Seeing how others live in this world and interact with it is something I love to learn about and experience. Back in 2013 I went to Thailand for the first time. I was blown away by a culture that was so foreign and different from anything I previously experienced. The temples were unlike anything I had ever seen and the antiquity of their customs and traditions was powerful and moving. The Thai are some of the kindest and generous people I’ve encountered in my travels and I was instantly drawn to the bright colors of their products and crafts. I could spend days wandering the crazy winding streets of Chaing Mai discovering and learning about their beautiful handmade products.

There are a handful of families that I buy from and I try to connect with them on social media and show where their products are ending up.

These people are artists, not laborers in a factory mass producing, and being a part of their journey is really special. It’s a lot about the relationship with the artist and each time I meet them I learn more about their culture.

The bracelets, wallets, purses, pouches, and scarves are all things I find to be incredibly useful for travelers and they are funky. Each piece is a conversation starter, and brings people together across cultures.